What does the inside of Nicky Morgan’s head sound like?

Have you ever noticed how it seems that every Department for Education statement, responding to a critical news story (you know the sort of thing: insisting that there is no teaching crisis or maintaining that school funding is sufficient, despite evidence to the contrary) always seems to follow the same format?

There will be a thematic nod towards the issue being criticised, then some statistics that ignore the point being made and which prove that everything is, in fact, tickety bo, if you please.

I always wonder what is going on in their heads as they issue statements that completely ignore the very issue at hand, vehemently toeing the party line to the point of willful self-deception of reality. Luckily, I have uncovered some rare footage of Nicky Morgan talking to Andrew Marr, where you can hear the actual sounds produced by the Education Secretary’s brainwaves: her ‘inner monologue,’ if you like.




Under Nicky Morgan’s Skin

You may have missed it but Twitter caught alight yesterday when Nicky Morgan released a slightly weird video of her talking to her own subconscious about how unions are to blame for the DfE’s disorganised approach to assessment, or something.

Comment was made of the fact that she is standing in a totally black void, wearing black. Some people wondered where it was (there was speculation that it was the Death Star or that it she had been taken hostage). I think you’ll find that this is what was going on in her head (and Under Her Skin)…

Under Her Skin - edit