Resource of the Day: Directional Language Grids

One of the things that took up so much of my time when I was teaching full time was making all my resources. There are, of course, 100s of relevant existing resources online you can use but somehow it always seemed simpler to make my own instead of spending ages looking all around the internet for what I needed.

With not much more use for them anymore, I thought I might as well make the available for anyone – who knows, it might save someone a couple of minutes searching one day.

You can find my TES resources page here and you’ll find direct links to all of my uploaded resources at

Even though it’s called ‘Resource of the Day’ a better title might be ‘Resource of Today’ as there is no chance that there will be new things every day. Every week will be pushing it. Every so often might be about right.

Directional Language Grids

Direction grids screenshot

Today’s resources  support learning the directional language up, down, left and right. Draw and write the directions for the knight to reach the king. The pack features three levelled worksheets (with three different maps within each level) and there is a Smart Board for demonstrating the activity.

During the lesson, you would be advised to give the kids counters or something to help them keep track of the knight’s movements.

I hope that it of some use and look out for more resources in the future.